The success story that is Wayne Smart does not entail "overnight success", was in the right place at the right time",or any of the other clichés that are routinely thrown around to hype a new artist.

Wayne has worked hard to get where he is. Wayne's musical roots started at the formative age of twelve. It was at this time that he learned to play bass and guitar, and not only fell in love with music, but took it even further, and by the time his was sixteen he had written about twelve songs and had formed his own band.

Rock music became a major part of his musical growing. His goals were simple - he wanted to play his music for everyone! After he finished college, with the strong support from his parents, he toured North America as the lead singer of numerous bands. The constant touring is what eventually brought Wayne Smart one giant step closer to his goal.

Record Producer Richard Buck( Mitsou, Nancy Martinez, Lime and Trans X), attended quite a few of Wayne's live performances and was "blown away" by the power and natural vocal ability that Wayne possessed. Knowing that talent of this proportion doesn't come his way every day, he immediately signed Wayne Smart and work began on his first album.

In 1996 the album "Just Another Stranger" was released independently by De Music (Musicor) and had several tracks in rotation. The great
rock ballad "Don't Call Me A Sinner" still receives radio-airplay to this day. The album - a mixture of mainstream rock, soaring ballads and choruses never stops delivering.

The first album was co-written, but for the next release Wayne wanted to develop his own style. By the summer of 1996 he was back in the studio working on his next album. Intermedia Music Canada was successful in introducing Wayne's new Maxi CD  to IDPC Germany. His ballad, "Everybody Needs Love" was chosen as one of the twenty international songs released on IDPC's compilation disc for the European music scene. Wayne Smart was the highest voted Artist on the IDPC Roster that Year.

The next step was natural - Wayne formed his new band. They worked many long hours and finally embarked in early summer of 1997 toward their debut concert in Germany. The reviews on Wayne Smart and his band were outstanding. They were sure this young man could deliver. With his pure and simple appeal, Wayne Smart's music was able to elevate his listeners to another level of rhythmic awareness. During that tour he learned his sound was pleasing fans of all ages. Wayne and his talented musicians were ready to get working on his next album.

The experiences in the music business through the years made Wayne call this album "Live and Learn." The album was supposed to be a follow up with a harder edge drive and aggression. Producer K. A. Kirshbaum knew there was a beautiful hidden side to this talented young man. Deeply rooted love and emotion imbedded in his soul was discovered during an inspirational journey in the Canadian wilderness. This journey brought out the spirit from his Huron ancestry. This produced a softer unplugged side of this gifted singer/songwriter in his music.

Intermedia was successful in signing a label
deal with JVC Japan, and a distribution
deal with SPV in Germany.

His music continues to evolve blending a millennium style rock/pop with an alternative edge. Wayne is quickly emerging onto today's music scene. When you listen to his music you feel part of it. He draws upon his love for music, poetry and nature in creating the most compelling melodic and meaningful lyrics for his songs.

Wayne a gifted Artist, an extraordinary Entertainer... There is no denying, this gifted Artist is here to stay.





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