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Wayne Smart : Apperances - Europe

Per - 4ormance
Wayne Smart "Finest of Rockballads"

This newcomer comes from Canada and his name is Wayne Smart.In June he will  performe his first Rock Concert in Germany.

He is acknowledged for his natural voice,for the feeling in his lyrics,and the energy in his music compositions.Not only has he written his own songs,he took special care in selecting his bandmembers.

Treat yourself and your friends to an optimal evening of modern Rockart.

Hoechster Kreisblatt

The Rock- Discovery of the Year:
Wayne Smart

Released in Germany is his first CD "Just Another Stranger".The songs from the Canadian of Native Origin are sometimes soft-romantic,or rock-roaring.Wayne and Band will perform June 20 in the Hattersheim Stadthalle at 8:00 Pm.

Blitz tip Maintaunus

Wayne Smart the Canadian
Rock Singer of German Tour

The songs from the Canadian Native are sometimes soft-romantic or rockroaring.Wayne impresses through his natural performance and his range in his voice.Wayne's first CD"Just Another Stranger" has just been released in Germany,and the sales are speaking for themselves.


The Essener Youthmagazine
Wayne Smart conquers Europe

When the show starts in the  Hattersheim Stadthalle in June,it will be the beginning of a big day for Wayne Smart,because the Canadian Rock musician will perform his first concert in Germany.Smart will try to impress his German audience with his music,as well as the rest of Europe. For rock music fans who are interested in a new, exciting, and pristine voice,coupled with inspirational songs.,this concert is a " must " for everyone.


German Premiere
Wayne Smart in Concert

Wayne Smart  and his  band rocked with never ending energy for more than three hours in the Stadthalle.A technically perfect stage show could not take away the natural charm of Wayne Smart and his band.In his songs you find sentiments of love, minorities and friendship.On its way to the "Top'' we hope that Wayne and his band won't loose their " Energy,Dynamics and Charm".

Frankfurter New Press

Wayne Smart had his German debut in the Stadthalle. The audience was in total awe over the sight, sound,and songs from  Wayne Smart. The songs from the Canadian singer are very melodious and detailed. The singer - compared to other pop (singers) - has a great vocal range. Has the Canadian a Chance to make it big in Europe??? We believe so.

Zentralnerv - Musiker Newspaper in Bavaria

Wayne Smart - same

"Shooting straight for the Top in the Rock scene" The brilliant handsome singer has attributes you have to admire. A superb voice,detailed hooklines and melodic ballads, that could stand on the same pedestal of a Bryan Adams. A heart-throb for thousands of girls in love! Wayne has already been predicted as an A-C-Radio Candidate; producing melodious songs like an assembly-line.

An Album you have to listen to!!!




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